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Quezzy The CEO has made a name for himself orInstagram, Facebook, and YouTube for answering questions and giving wellthought-out opinions relating to love and relationships. His AskQuezzy video series features mostly questions about relationship issueswith women asking his opinion on why men act the way they do. Even though themajority of Quezzy's content is geared around relationships that is not hismain focus. Here is what Quezzy The CEO has to say.

Staff: How did you begin speaking about love and relationships on your socialmedia pages?

QuezzyThe CEO: When I got out of prison in 2018 I startedposting motivational memes and quotes just trying to keep myself motivated so Ican stay on the right path and not go back to the things I was used to. I wasmainly talking about keeping a positive attitude and not giving up at the firstsign of hardship. But over time I began to receive messages from people askingmy opinion about things they were going through and most of it was concerningtheir love life or some kind of relationship issue.

Staff: Many people say you are a love doctor or relationship guru. What doyou have to say about that?

QuezzyThe CEO: I am definitely not a relationship expert. Myhistory as a pimp gives me a different mindframe when it comes to love andrelationships. I honestly don't believe I think about or approach relationshipsthe same way most people do.

Staff: how do you think your viewpoint on relationships differs from mostpeople?

QuezzyThe CEO: I think everyone knows what a relationship issupposed to be like. The problem is, most people want the benefits of arelationship without the commitment. They want to do whatever they want to dowith whoever they want to do it with with no regard or concern about theirpartner. Because I used to be a pimp I believe I still approach a relationshiplike a business or like a contract. To me sex is at the low end of the totempole when it comes to reasons for being in a relationship. Most people, menespecially, pretend to be in relationships just so they have someone consistentthey can have sex with. A lot of people will settle for someone they reallyaren't compatible with just to say they are not single without receiving anybenefits that a relationship is supposed to provide. I take relationshipsseriously and therefore I don't believe anyone should get into a relationshipon a whim. There has to be a reason. It has to be a situation that both partiescan benefit from and sex or money cannot be included as one of the benefits. Ibelieve people in a relationship should be like business partners. They shouldbe excited to see each other and work together to achieve their goals. Todaymost people in relationships don't even like each other. They are not evenfriends. The only reason they are together is to satisfy their need forphysical affection. In my opinion that is not a good enough reason to be in arelationship. But again, I don't think I view relationships the same way aperson does who has never lived the pimp lifestyle.

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