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Healthcare Industry: Open-Source is gaining momentum

With the global digital revolution, the role of information technology is evolving continuously in the healthcare sector, with gaining more weight to new technologies. Advanced technologies like big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are making headway towards enriching the quality and efficiency of the healthcare sector. Healthcare IT practitioners have many options to choose between the licensed vendor tools, hybrid software environment, open-source tools, or in-house tools to fulfill their operational requirements. Out of these options, the open-source technology is the most accessible and affordable solution. Open-source technology is based on the concept of collaboration, which deploys publically available code. It allows constant engagement with a vast developer community. The results are obtained in a well-designed, reliable, and continuously evolving software product which plays a vital role in IT infrastructural needs. Due to the increasing penetration of IoT devices in the medical equipment industry, open-source tools are emerging as a sustainable choice for caregivers. This software enables the smooth exchange of data between a diversified set of wearables, equipment, and healthcare applications.

The latest open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools for integrating the back end functions like finance, accounts, payroll, and CRM.

Dynamic Document Management Systems (DMS) is widely used at healthcare centers for performing different functionalities like collaboration and advanced search, document management, backend database management, administration tools, etc. Open-source software increases the risk of cyber hacking and data breaches. So experts advise using this software with apt cyber-safety and security measures.